Anyone using "grove bags" to cure?

Ya those pins are sharp a hell.


I have the same one. I like that you can check calibration with the cap.


:joy::joy: ain’t that the truth!!

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I’m a week into using the bags on four harvests. It’s looking like you have to be very close on the bud’s moisture content to be able to just put them in and let them cure. I’ve had to open two of them overnight a few days in a row to get the humidity levels down on bud I put in there at 13-15%. The humidity was at 68-70% after 3 days. I’m just about to do it again today.

Bud that I put in at 10-12% is holding steady at 61-63% humidity.

The moisture meter does tell the story.


I’m posting this as an FYI. What I have are the 1/4lb bags.

I’m not sure these will last long term, specifically the seal strip. It’s not easy to get in & out of the bag. And if you’re not careful, you can pull the seal strip completely off the bag…by not pulling it apart in the right spot.

When you first look at the seal, you’d think the way to pull the two sides apart is by the way it looks in front of you…

When actually, the spot you open it on is up tight to the bag edge. I put a needle nose pliers to show you where to grab.

Kinda hard to see in pictures, but hopefully you get the idea. I’m thinking I do the initial cure in them, then move them to mason jars when the bud is smokeable and are easier to navigate when stoned. :rofl:


Thanks for this. Very good to know. I would be tempted to trim the bag down to that level on that side to prevent mistakenly grabbing it wrong.


Just ordered some! Woohoo!

They were out of the 1 ox with windows (again), so I just got 10 of the ones without windows for now, and a few of the QP ones with the windows.

Should be here in a couple days !

Now to find that moisture meter… will need it real soon. Hope they might have it at the Do-It Center, or I’ll have to order it online.

Psyched for my first harvest!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!


I’ve been keeping them sealed in Grovies and pull a week or two’s worth out and put it in a mason to grab from. Grabbing from the same bag till it’s depleted. I would think any ziplock thing will lose seal if you keep opening repeatedly so I just tried to minimize opening & closing.
All of my untouched Grovies are still sitting at 62%.


6.5 weeks into cure at 60-62. These are awesome set it and forget it!

Pulled some testers out. Top is Bruce banner lower are gsc. Gonna try to wait one more month, I’ve been toning off the lesser quality plant to hold me over I’ll admit :joy:


Just so everyone knows, @MaD-VapoR got in contact with the manufacturer and they are standing behind their product. They apparently shouldn’t be coming apart like that, issue at the factory. Here is a link to his post to learn more.


I also just thought of something that ya’ll can try. Instead of holding the two flaps and pulling them apart, you can pinch the zipper and move your fingers opposite to each other. Kinda like opening a It is hard to describe, so here is a video I found of a guy doing it with a produce bag, but it is the same concept. This is how I usually open sandwich bags and the like. This could at least make the faulty bags people got last longer.


:point_up_2:works on just about any zip lock bag!


Yessir! Been doing this for years.


Ya me too! Only way to open a small Ziploc bag

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I still remember when my friend showed me how. I can’t remember why he showed me, I must have dropped some bud or something lol!


Just got my “moisture seeker!” (Lol.)

So… my first two plants that I’ve taken down have only been drying for about 4 days now, but I wanna check it out and try this thing today…

So… just stick the pins right in the bud, on the wood setting, right? (Avoiding sticking them in my fingers, of course.) Looking for 11%, yes?

& my Grove Bags should be here today!!! Woo HOO!

So psyched, I can hardly stand it. YES!!!



Yep just stick the buds! At 11% put it into the bag, your done!


Hell yeah! Can’t wait!!!

Thanks so much for starting this thread. It’s been very educational. :+1:


So… some buds are already “dry,” some aren’t yet, and some on the same stem even have different readings. :roll_eyes:

Some are a little bit too dry, (just by a percentage or so) and it’s only been five days.

Should I go through all the buds and pick off the ones that are dry, at 11% or lower, put them in the bags, and leave the rest for a while?

I know that seems like a pretty basic question, but this is my first harvest and I don’t want to mess it up.

I don’t have any of the tiny ph meters yet either to put in the bags, so I’m just going by the moisture meter for now.




I pulled all buds between 10/12% .