Anyone using "grove bags" to cure?

That’s the most efficient way to store and consume kief imo. Easily carried and dabable

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Mine just arrived today. Hoping to fill 4 of these 1/4 pound bags


My pucks.


Looks good. Also you can apply heat and melt it while pressing let it cool and you’ll have a hash that’s slightly better tasting in a dab rig

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My order just processed! Hope to get mine soon

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Mine arrive today and I am beyond stoked.

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Been in bags for a week now. 60% reading on a cheep hydrometer the smell is fantastic (1st time this good) color looks good as well.


Mine are comin tomorrow

Where’s You get that press ? Beardy likely :joy:

Amazon. .

Just bagged up 18 ounces, using 1/4 pound grove bags. They dried hanging in my tent in complete darkness 7 days. Reading between 60% and 65% rh in the bags right now.
Today is day one in grove bags, I’m not even using jars this time, I’m just going to try this new technology on the whole harvest.
I’ll keep you all posted on the outcome.


Hi my name is audiofreak and I’ve been burp free for 17 days…


First ever harvest and using the bags! 3oz of ww off of three girls!



Given the normal varying range of readings you can get from those humidistats, I would say the bags are doing what they said they would do.
Did you seal them? I haven’t yet, debating whether I should or not.

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I can’t help opening mine so I’m of no important opinion. Its my first time so I’m sure I’ll be better at not opening next time

No didn’t seal. Think its mostly for long term or selling .


@Audiofreak . So do you think these grove bags are worth it? I think I’ll buy some. I’ve always done mason jars but the no burping thing sounds like an amazing thing lmao


At a buck a bag (1oz) cheaper than jars. Prob went last as long though.

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I have a ton of jars. The 1 oz are all sold out. Ill have to get the qp or the pound bags.

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