Anyone using "grove bags" to cure?

Just ran across them. Soooooooo anyone familiar with them???


@BobbyDigital can you assist?

Maybe @PharmerBob @MidwestGuy ??

Sorry. I’ve never heard of them until now. I use Ball jars and, if humidity isn’t where I want it, I’ll add a couple drops of water in the jar.


First I’ve heard of them also. Seem like ball jars are just more convenient as I can check humidity without opening plus there’s nothing in the glass that can be absorbed by the buds as opposed to some plastics.


I just use 5 gal buckets with gamma seal lids setup with air intake and gas exhaust …

Never heard of these but will look into it

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I ordered some, should be using them in 2-3 weeks and will let you know how it goes. Most is going in mason jars but will stuff a couple oz’s in a grove bag to test it. Got ones with a window so I can see the hygrometer I put in it.


Doing same. Harvest comming in a couple a few weeks myself. Going to try some both ways and compair.


Google them, they look legit, interesting sales pitch. They sell to lg. Farms as well as small growers. Just dry flower, stuff bag,seal and open in a couple weeks and done. No burping. Look them up and tell me what you think. I am going to try a couple ozs. and see.


I checked them out but I’d have to buy like 200 at a time. I don’t grow that much, lol


You can in 1 and twos if you want. You gotta go to the mix and match and can order singles.


Oh nice tip!

I ordered 25 1 oz bags to try. Should last me 2/3 grows. Thinking positively.


Just picked up 16 1-oz.


Please report back your impressions.

I got some of these because menards won’t restock 1/2 gallon Mason jars for some reason, and I don’t have time to deal with 32 ounce jars. Burping 1 gallon bowls is more my speed than 4 jars per gallon. But no burping sounds like a real improvement to the process.

I didn’t think of the plastic leaching into the buds. Hopefully it’s not an issue.

They seal pretty tight. Definitely water tight, you can fill it with water and toss it around with no leaks.


They have a "technology " in there multi laminated material they say works and has been used in vegetatables to keep them fresh and there is some air exchange from bag out but not in.


@Audiofreak I remember the green bags that were supposed to make your produce last longer. Never tried them, but heard they work.

I’m sure these bags work, especially for a large scale operation that has thousands of lbs of herb. I went to the savings tab and their example calc saved the customer $1,000,000, lol.

I’m just wondering for a small time grower more concerned with quality than processing mass quantities, if they do as good a job as the labor intensive burping.


That be the ? I hate grabbing jars down the closet they rattle around and clink all over.the place, then burping them is a pain in the arse. This if it works as they say would be a dream.

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I saw them here too , let me know looks like a easy way to cure properly or easy way to lose 100 bucks

As @Audiofreak showed me you can purchase them 1 at a time or as many as you want. The oz bags are $1 a piece.