Anyone using Gold Leaf Nutrient

Trying to gather info on the Gold Leaf Nutrients. Is it really a from seed to harvest one step nutrient?

I’ve never seen it used for cannabis. Cannabis fertilizers are usually somewhere near 20-10-20, and this is not the profile of Gold Leaf. If you want a seed-to-harvest, all inclusive nute, I suggest Jack’s, which is proven to be effective.


The GoldLeaf IG page is nothing but cannabis. IF the pics shown are results from the fertilizer, there’s some pretty killer results. Supposedly, it’s just add to water and go. No pH’ing. I like my Jack’s tho. No pH’ing with it either in soil.


I’ve seen numerous people mention Jack’s throughout my reading here on the forum. That’s the 3-2-1, right? It’s dry? Top dress with it? I’m still relatively new to growing. Just a couple of plants under my belt since the law passed last July. Using Fox Farm and I’m not a big fan of it.

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It’s dry but you just stir it into water and feed.

I started with Fox Farms too and hated every second of it.

I use Jacks now but usually make a concentrate (I use ounces of powder instead of grams, mix it in a 1gal jug and add to a 5gal bucket of water til my PPMs are where I want them).

It’s good for all mediums, which I think is largely why it’s so popular. It’s easy enough, too.


I also pulled the switch…from ff to Jack’s.
Sooo much easier …