Anyone using ff trio?

hello everyone, im new hwre and a beginner as well. I hv a basic question to anyone who knows about the ff trio. it say to mix in gallons but if the whole gallon isn’t used up in the first feeding how long can I keep the mixture b4 it is considered no good to use?

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I would guess a day or 2. It’s really not worth it to premix and store nutes.

so dump whats left over? I usually have about a half gallon left this is for in indoor tent grow using ffof

I usually just pour the extra out

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ok thank you bunches

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thank you :blush:

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Welcome. You can just make smaller batches to better suit what you need. Simply do the math. If a full gallon calls for 2 teaspoons, make a half gallon with 1 teaspoon or 3 quarts with 1.5 teaspoons. :+1:t3:

Also, I highly suggest using the foxfarm feeding chart as opposed to using the directions on the bottle. Even using the feeding chart, it can be good to start with half strength and work your way up


I run half strength throughout the full grow. Salt buildup is a real problem with FF and your girls don’t need that much to be fully productive.

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thank you will do, I’m currently using the ff chart as well just wasn’t sure if keeping whats left over from the gallon would turn bad or not so was wondering how long could keep. Half gallons sound better tho. I definitely appreciate the advice

I would pretty much agree with that. I’m a first-time grower, so I got sucked into the FF trio. It’s been a learning curve for sure.

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