Anyone using dry nutrients

I have a large outside grow going and I was wondering what everyone uses for dry nutrients. I am in FFOF soil and using the FF Trio for nutrients. Is there anyone using something simpler then having to use three bottles of liquid to feed. I have seen some dry nutrients that are a all-in-one for the entire grow. Does anyone use any of them that they could suggest? Or is it better to continue to use the trio?

I have used Dr Earth with success I presently using Coast of Maine and fox farms makes dry amendments


Absolutely- Build a soil craft blend dry ferts. The BAS site has several informative videos.

SL out.

I use Happy Frog dry amendments. Mostly for my indoor, but I have used it on a couple of my outdoor plants. I also use Alaska fish emulsion, but only outside.

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For good cheap dry amendments try down to earth 4 4 4 and 4 8 4. Lower numbers for veg higher for bloom. They also sell bat guano fulvic and other stuff and pretty cheap and works gr8. Just mix up all ur ingredients for ur mix drop on the soil around plant stalk scratch in with fingertips and water with ph balanced calmag water here is dte that i have been using along with jacks 321

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This stuff makes a difference for sure


I feed at half strength.


For real half strength!!!

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Veg+bloom with recharge micronutes

This is my 3rd year and went crazy with the Down To Earth dry ammendments! Mixed many of them early on to build soil before transplant and top dressing. Actually just put down a bit of Insect Frass for a few of the girls. So far the results have been great compared to last year when i starved the plants giving them nothing but straight water using some cheeap dirt from Manards and they made it to harvest but the yeild suffered perhaps…got a couple LB’s from 6 plants so not complaining but this year it gonna be different and the DTE Dry Ammendments are playing a role for sure. Also have some Dr. Earth Flower Girl but have only gave it to 1 Critical Purple Auto so far since she will be done in a month or so, to experiment and make sure it wont burn plants so they all get different products to learn what works and doesnt work.

I used chemgro for years but now I’m using jacks

Great info guys! Since we are applying to produce recreational, and will be growing upwards of 200 plants when our infrastructure is set, I am looking towards dry nutes. I use Emerald Harvest, and honestly, until we get a couple of grows in and sold, I am realizing that while this is great for the 18 plants I have now, it is going to be expensive for such a large grow. Or at least it is looking that way. I will grow some hydroponic and some in soil bags with FF soil. I use Happy Frog (and Strawberry
Fields when they were out of HF) for autos, and Ocean for photos.

A hydroponic place in Albuquerque told my husband last month, when he was in there, that the dry nutes will be the way to go on larger scaled grows. And that the herb is ever bit as good. I will say this, my first two grows were General Hydroponics, and that smoked smooth. But the Emerald Harvest has never burned the tips. Ever.

@oldmarine I agree on half strenghth. Even my photos I rarely give full. But I put them in FF soils. I also collect rainwater. Last summer we went through a drought and got 5" rain all year long. We got 5" in a week recently, and an inch last weekend. It is amazing how much water I can collect with 5 gallon buckets and big storage tubs. They love it! All soil based plants get rainwater when available. I may add a bit of silica with the plain rain. But it has been one of the best ‘feeds’ yet. Btw, I was raised by ‘wolves’ ie Marines, and raised one. Ooh rah!

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ILGM California Dream photo. She is in Ocean and has got not much other than rainwater. She gets half strength nutes from hydro reservoir when I am cleaning it out.

Tent grown, is ILGM Purple Haze photo. Same story. I think with good soil like the
FF line it really cuts back what you need. Plus, I found that if they are too happy they tend to luxuriate and take their sweet time finishing. A bit of stress is good. I am an empath and one gift, the strongest I have, is reading energy and frequency off the plants. My husband is psychic and reads auras and can read their light waves with color. That is actually pretty good for us on plant health and we can teach just about anyone how to tune in an at least get a glimpse. It is also a skill that can be learned, maybe not the level of a natural, but it is no mystery.

You could always contact the company of whichever brand of nutrients you want and see if there’s a price break on bulk or company discounts or farmer discounts….I would explain your situation and make it sound like a marketing opportunity they wouldn’t/shouldn’t dare to miss and maybe they’ll even sponsor your grow :wink::facepunch:t2:

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Yes, half strength. I mix my own soil and that alone feeds my plants for their first month. When I transplant them, the soil is enriched with Happy Frog All-Purpose. They are good with that for their 2nd month. I top dress every month after that with the occasional tea and moving into flower with HF Fruit & Bloom. Their last month they get nothing but water. Easy peasy- lemon squeezy.


Accidentally picked up FF Soil Conditioner, as the bag looked similar to the Happy Frog. That stuff is great. Yesterday, I topped the greenhouse soil grown plants with a layer of it. I laid it out over my okra beds. And even wondering if I can add it to the my homemade substrate for our psilocybin mushroom projects.

I use FF trio line, with bloom boosters and Bembe for both my indoor hydro and outdoor soil. I have had 4 harvests, both indoor and out using those nutes and the results have been fantastic everytime.

The outdoor girls are also grown in FFOF.

Sure it’s a lot of measuring and mixing. But the proof is in the puddin’!