Anyone using autopot help!

Yeah it’s 50 % clay pebbles mixed with a living soil that’s 50% Coco…I was hoping to just use water through the veg state. But I agree 100% I’ll be switching next grow dumping the clay pebbles. Thanks again for the help hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll be able to have it on and running smoothly

Question, how did this setup go?
Vs pebbles on the bottom vs. 100% Coco

Great question I can’t answer in confidence.

However I was able to speak with the ceo of autopots, Jason, who designed them and does all the research and development now while other people do everything else lol.
He said it would make such a small difference one way or the other not to worry about it, the air air stones in the bottom I would be willing to try as well as coco/perlite vs straight coco but…
I don’t have the space to run experiments much.

Some say straight coco is better due to caton exchange, while others point out that perlite allows for a more aiery substrate and aids in root growth.

Unfortunately all these bug grows never run any experiments.

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Thanks @Nicky
I’ve transplanted as you saw a couple days ago and thought I completely screwed up, time will tell.
I’ve transplanted into 100% Canna Coco.
Will be turning on the system this evening as the pots are pretty light in weight and top couple inches of the coco is getting dry. Big things are happening! :heavy_check_mark:

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Turn the system on, flood the trays then turn it off. See if it sucks up the water, if it doesn’t then they arnt ready. Your plants are big enough that’s for sure just depends on their roots since you transplanted.