Anyone used this soil before?


Has anyone had experience using this soil (picture attached) before, growing autos?
I’ve tried multiple seeds using the exact same germination process as previously (100% success rate in other soils) but the seeds just don’t seem to like it, they don’t come through and seem to dry out and die.
The only thing that has changed is that I used this different soil.

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never seen it before, where did you get it?

I found the ingredients.
Main components: Black peat, blonde peat, coconut fiber and perlite, humic and fulvic acids.
Not sure how I would grow in it. It should be fine for seedlings tho.
Nothing tells me it would kill seeds.

I’ve grown in peat before you have to water it like it’s soil but ph it like it’s coco, and you definity need additional nutrients

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I used either Nectar soil , Oregon’s best, as much as I heard about the soil on various weed sites using it etc, but no one ever heard of it, the key is to find what works for you & stick with it, I tried to listen to these people , it will only mess it up, you have 3 conditions to be identical, the soil the temperature & humidity not to mention grows lights can heat it up which in my experience you can’t go by manufacturer’s instructions , which I see constantly from these old growers, which I have several that gives me pointers on crossbreeding, etc, use it only as a crutch the rest you have to figure out yourself, then the real pain of hard work comes in play, you have to study, read & memorize which I do it anyway preferably read then watch the knowledge sticks with you, can’t gop by other people’s gardens

Nectar is the same as peat moss I never did need additional nutrients, unless something’s out of wack on your end