Anyone use Weed Seeds to buy their seeds?

Has anyone bought their seeds from Weed-Seeds .com ?

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Yea google that with seeds at the end, you’ll thank me later. Very easy very legit

Im curious if anyone has any input on weed-seeds. .com

Also i bought seeds and im asking for others experience with that website. Im in the US. That website you referred is not

@Lph008 why not just hook yourself up here at the site your now blogging on? ILGM is as legit as they get and offers you this amazing Forum Community.


I’m also in the us and get seeds shipped in no problem.

I’ve never used weed seeds and can not give input if they are a fake site or not.

Linda’s is from spain and never an issue with importing them

Cost usually, ilgm is one of the more expensive sites to purchase from

If you dont mind paying 10 to 15 bucks a seed csi humbolt in my opinion is arguably the best producer for feminized seeds…

I use sticky seeds and herbies for mine

Bro u need to try dark wizard genetics they are great

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WeedSeedExpress has reasonal prices nothing “special” check out Attitude Seed

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I already purchased seeds through weed-seeds they are currently growing…only 1 week in. I was just curious if anyone grew their seeds before. This is my first time and i will be trying other seeds in the future but for now i already bought 20 autos

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I take your word for it buddy. Thanks for the info. Ill definitely give them a try in the future.

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This is a plant from last run a critical purple auto half pound


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