Anyone use jacks bloom through out flower

was wondering if anyone else has used jack bloom booster 10-30-20 all through flower…i did and got good results but when talking to the jacks guy he talked me into trying jacks tap or city limits as my well water is around 240ppm using the 15-5-20 and only using the bloom booster in the 1st 2 weeks of flower then back to the 15-5-20…i dont think i got as good of yield…i use promix bx.

I used jacks 321 with out flower boosters and they did great. @MattyBear i know used the boosters through flowering, but I’m not sure the verdict is in yet on the differences.

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Just finishing a cure of my 1st grow with Jack’s and it’s the best quality I’ve grown yet. Absolutely issue free. Good yeald (6 ozs dry) I know this is not scientific but results are results.


Oh ya forgot I never had to flush either.