Anyone use an aquarium pump and stone for CO2

Trying to get away from using a candle

Plenty of CO2 in the air, no need for any of that.

But if you must, just go with sugar and yeast in a 2 or 3 liter soda bottle over candles and other junk. Won’t do anything but at least it won’t waste much money.


You are going to have to have a whole lot of light, as well as tweaked nute levels and higher temps, for your plant to use any extra available C02. It’s just not worth it for the average grower. A stone or a candle isn’t going to make any difference at all in the health of your plant(s.)

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I don’t know much about the CO2 factor yet, but I’ll tell you I bought a pro CO2 bucket for the lung room both my tents are in, and my plants seem to be exceptionally better than my first grow, it may not do EXACTLY what I want it to, buy it does what I feel is my money’s worth I suppose, a candle reflects light (lumens) maybe very minute amounts but that’s neither her nor there, it’s a gamble to have ANY light around your plants during lights out, and like @Hellraiser said it’s more than likely NOT needed, the single only reason I have one, is because I went on a weed growing supply shopping frenzy for my first grow, buying literally EVERYTHING I thought I might, may, could, need, not to mention the stuff I just wanted, so had I known it’s not necessary UNLESS you have a sealed grow room, I would be fine without it and so will you IMO so I’d say just grow and don’t worry about CO2 unless you come to a point you HAVE TO, which is VERY unlikely.


Yeah, I didn’t think about that. A candle during lights out is definitely not a good idea.

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Plus having an unattended open flame around is never a good idea. I’d lose the candle immediately.


Got it, Thanks again

So you were like me, a kid in a candy store ! Just been trying to read up, I will stick to the basics for now, waiting for some outdoor planting, I have lots of space, acres. Thanks for the help !

Well, I already had the pump, and a stone cost me $1.76, so i thought I’d try it. It keeps my humidity between 62-64 %. As far as CD being in the air, true, but I live out in the woods, no neighbors, and a car once in a while. Seems to have helped quite a bit ? It’s a learning process…

It talks about CD in the “Grow Guides”, that’s where I came up with the idea. Got rid of the candle, bought a stone for $1.76. I already had a pump, so I started running it, it keeps my humidity(3 x 3 tent) at 62-64 %, and plants are doing great ? I live out in the woods, no neighbors for 1/2 a mile, very few cars, just Pine Trees, thought the Co2 could use a boost.

Fresh air intake if it comes down to it. What’s your ambient co2 level?

No idea, not quite that far along, new to this stuff indoors. To keep the temp in the mid 70’s I have all the vents open on my tent, with the fan going it should only be a boost of Co2. Not at 5 weeks yet, goin’ nuts.