Anyone use a kingled brand light?

Hi all. I just purchased a “kingled” 1000 watt grow light. It has 2 switches. A veg and a bloom. Should I just turn both on and forget about it, or use veg in veg mode, and bloom in flower? Veg appears blueish and bloom more red ish. Thanks

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Just so you know what you have, it’s not really 1000 watts or anywhere near that, it’s 185 real watts with both veg and bloom lights on. You could use the veg lights only while your plants are tiny, and they are tiny, seen your other thread with the stretched out plants, but with a weak light may want to go with both veg and bloom lights on all the time. Not a great light, may consider sending it back and putting that money towards a good light.


Thanks for the reply. I do have a double ceramic metal halide I use to grow plants through maturity, this is just to get seedlings to a foot tall or so. I understand this light isn’t 1k, I do saltwater aquariums and have lights that grow sps corals like the barrier reef, lol. They are only a couple hundred watts each.

I’ll keep this thing, I’m not asking much out of it in the big picture.


Run all switches…:+1::+1::+1:


I’ll give them a week with one switch, then kick on the other. Thanks!