Anyone try fish shit?

So I got a free sample of fish shit from my local hydro store and was wondering if anyone has tried it for hydro or soil. I am currently using recharge for my soil but am looking for something for my tote hydro set up.

I use it in coco, and have trichomes like mad. Still waiting for first one I chopped using it to dry for taste test. had an awesome root structure. Lots of growers are here use it too. It’s good stuff.

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I use fish and kelp. It stinks but makes big potent buds. 6 tablespoons per gallon.


I tried it once but it tasted like well you know.:poop::joy: Sorry I could not resist.


I was warned by a family member of an impending Alien invasion(he was stoned of course) & I was told eating Fishtank gravel, would inturn make you taste like sh!t and the aliens would move on to the next twinkie pie-hole stuffer.


Yup I use Fishsh!t and Tribus, staggered at once a week. Works great! Still use Recharge as well.

Really!? You use recharge as well? Do you do soil or hydro? I have both going and been using recharge for soil. Was thinking to use the fish shit with hydro, I use Flora trio for nuits

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Ya I use all 3 once a week, staggered. 1ML Tribus, 2ML fishsh!t and 1/2 tsp Recharge. Might be overkill on the microbials but the plants seem to love it. I’m in coco (hydro) so feedings are daily. I’m using Jack’s 321 but heard good reviews on Flora using the Lucas method. No further info on that one lol @NUG61 is using Flora, maybe he can help.


Fish shit, bat shit & shrimp shit too in soil organic

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It’s the good sh!t right there. Your hydro dealer is just trying to get you hooked. First one was free but soon you’ll be back for more.

Pretty soon you’ll be robbing old ladies silverware so you can score your next bottle. It’s a slippery slope, covered in oily fish water.


seriously, its the most expensive part of my grow.

Loli noticed how expensive it was

Yeah I’m trying to find a good mix of nuits for my soil and hydro… There so many different mix schedule’s it’s hard to find what one works best for my set up


I run the GH trio (& some supplements) I’ve done the multiplication.

I have a ~35 gal DWC system. I change nutes every other week. In a 12w grow, that’s 6x35 - 210 gal. Directions for hydro are 2-4ml/gal. For a grow, I’d need 420-840ml. Amazon sells a 500ml for $56, 1L for $101.25. I’d spend at least $56 on fish sh!t … and I’d no longer have a sterile system…

Dunno, I know people swear by it, but it seems … expensive.

I hear ya. I used Canna before Jacks. Never going back, Jacks is super simple and 3 ingredients. No calmag. I do add the stuff listed above and some bud XL and winter frost during later flower.

It is really expensive in the grand scheme of things, but the plants seem to love it.

Right even the recharge is f#ckn ridiculous.

What strain was THAT??!

I ordered a sample of Fish Sh!t to try this grow, and I’m using Recharge and Grow Dots in coco.

Since I have only a couple of plants, the sample should cover me for a while. Same with the Recharge, I bought the small tubes from Amazon, and got 8 for the price of 5, and that will also keep me going a while.

I’ve only bought sample sizes recently, I’m still trying to work out what works best for me, and I’d rather blow a little money that a lot.

Good luck!

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