Anyone tried the new strains from ILGM?


Curious if anyone has tried some of the newest strains they have added. I didn’t even notice until recently that they had some more up. They look great, has anyone got some of those going?

The ones I was looking at were Cali Dream, Crystal, Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Green crack.


Sounds like you can’t go wrong with your choices. I have been getting my seeds elsewhere for years. Mainly at this point due to comfort, been very reliable given where I am located. I just checked out what they have on the site. The prices are extremely reasonable. Much cheaper then I pay. I will for sure consider ILGM in the future. Great classic strains and the new ones are nice for sure. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme…Oh yeah!


with ilgm shipping and delivery guarantee are included in the price…IIRC from my order, lol… that is a service that other sites just cannot compete with.

I am glad they got the Durban Poison, not the most potent but I have been wanting to try it.seems it would be a great strain to just smoke a header while I am bush hogging my pasture.
the crystal also is a strain I have been wanting to try…ordered some from a site in the uk but it never arrived


The new strains are INCREDIBLE! I’m so happy to see ILGM bringing in such great strains. Anyone of those strains is a sure bet on some grade A cannabis! I’ll be buying some soon and will make sure to do journals.


Ive got the girl scout going and after 5 weeks its going amazing, keeping up with the gold leaf which is saying something, gold leaf is one of the best growers I’ve ever seen. as @ktreez420 said, its great to see ilgm bringing in new strains that’ll hopefully attract more people. my seeds got intercepted in the mail first time around a couple months ago and they sent new ones straight away in discreet packaging, ill be coming here for the foreseeable future thats for sure!


Thats coz ilgm is the best. Chuck out the rest.
Im so keen thyo try the green crack. Aint tried as yet. Sure to soon. But i do know all seeds ive gotten from ilgm have been quality.


Definitely have some great choices now. I have been planning on trying the Gold Leaf but I now have Girl Scout Cookies and California Dream on my short list. ILGM just keeps getting better and better.


I’ll definitely be ordering several of those. I guess I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and get me an indoor set up. This was my first year to grow and now that the seasons over, I MISS IT! lol
@Oak- got any good deer down there in your neck of the woods? Saw that we’re kinda close!


deer everywhere over here man… good deer? I guess that is open to perspective…I grew up out west with mule dear,…these white tail don’t quite measure up, lol… but there are lots of them around, I see them every day.


Haha now it’s a thread about deer.

I’m really tempted to get some new seeds but I have not even used the ones I have and my plants are in poor shape, I can’t spend a chuck of money on something I’m not going to use to it’s full potential or possibly risk right now.

Whoever gets em just promise you will post pics and updates. :slight_smile:


I just placed my first order… time will tell if they are legit and get here… looking forward to seeing if this site and its seeds were worth the $$$

Anyone ordered recently from AUSTRALIA and have their deliveries done ok that can give feedback ?


I am not from Australia…Mississippi, USA… placed my first order here in august…sent payment by mail…was nervous about the entire process as it took two weeks for my payment to post on my order page…then it showed shipped…and three weeks later I still had no seeds. Was very difficult to maintain my composure at that point because there are so many scams online these days…how do I know they didn’t just keep my money and ship and not ship anything at all? This is how my mind works…assuming the first shipment was taken by customs because it never arrived. After 21 days ILGM sent another shipment…I provided an alternate address in case my address had been flagged by customs or something…14 days after replacement shipment was sent I got my package in the mail…identified my beans, and now I am a happy home gardener.
you don’t know me and I aint an Aussie…hell, I could be an employee sitting here laughing because we got another one to send money!! Yeeehaaww!!.. but that is not the case. These guys are legit…and better than that is that they really seam to care about the product and their customer service… the simple fact that you get guaranteed product delivery, guaranteed germination and shipping cost included in the price of the seeds is huge and makes this the best seed site available IMO…selection is a bit weak but they are working on that… just added about 8 strains a week or so ago.
You will like it here. The company, the product, the support, the forum, and the members… If you have the weed growing bug ILGM is where you want to be… but have patience…sometimes shipping items of questionable legality from one country to another can be complicated…but ILGM’s crew will not stop trying…you will get your beans.


Mate they guarantee delivery. So if they dont make it to your letter box they send again. Untill you recieve. There great quality seeds and all my 10 germinated. Mine did take 6 weeks to come. But thats not ilgm. Thats our customs i believe.


Thanks for the reply my fellow green thumb!

Sounds like it may take a while to get the beans so I will just be patient and wait the 21 days and see how it goes and if I have to wait longer so be it as long as they get here sometime this year would be great :wink:

I purchased this mix pack and am looking forward to some fruity girls!


Hey Guy’s, I would like to see Bruce Banner #4! When we went to Colorado this past summer, we had a nice bag of Bruce Banner! I got in touch with a couple of friends that live out west and low and behold they are going to send me 1dz reg. Bruce Banner seeds. My friend said that flash seeds developed these beauties? I can’t wait to get them growing. Later, Mike


I got the High yield mix pack !!


@FyshhTrap have you started your seeds buddy. Whats them like. Hopfully they turn out like your buds in the October bud contest. You got heaps of votes my friend.


Unfortunately not yet, haven’t done a thing with them seeds, I’m still on this years outdoor grow , one huge WW (feminized) left, just pulled it and drying it now, tons of bud on that plant!
I’m not sure of the sizes of those plants at/to maturity for an indoor grow, the Big Bud is Collossal and will have to wait for next spring for an outdoor grow, I’m going for a 5 month grow with that, this should turn out interesting, I"ve done some recon on growing this plant and seen a 6 month grow that was 8 ft. tall, had to be propped up with sticks because the buds were soo big !! I also don’t really have the equipt. at the moment for a positive indoor grow and I don’t really want to just “Wing” it. The Chocolope is also a large growing plant so that is also going outdoors next spring , which only leaves me
the Amnesia Haze to possibly start indoors.

I really enjoy my outdoor grows, theyre a lot of work but you just cant duplicate this grow indoors, mother nature provides so much and you just have to adapt and overcome so many variables to achieve a good grow, I lost 8 plants on this last grow, ended up with 6 total and boy was it worth it !! The quality of ILGM seeds and the genetics are amazing, my plants did stuff I"ve hardly ever seen before ! Her is a couple of pics of my last plant a fem, WW. Just took her in yesterday. Shes about 36 tall here or more I dunno.


Also I forgot to ask you guys. Is it an authentic site I placed my order and not a dummy site at all?

Just checking as I was billed by an Asian company?


It’s the real deal