Anyone seen this before?

So this is suppose to be acdc 40:1 …I did not buy this from ilgm but this is the forum I belong to so…
Any how this is a 7 day old “acdc” sprout…is it me or is something off?

Just the leaf shape is off.

Sometimes water standing on the leaves causes them to grow like that. At least in my experience it has. I see this growth when the plants are seedling under a dome with excess of humidity and water droplets falling on the leaves constantly. She should grow out of it.


What is your P H at the roots ?

@garrigan62 I honestly don’t know the ph at the roots. my water is currently at 6.0 that im using.

@Axemanjake23 I think that’s the problem I have them in a doom but its the only one like that everything else seems fine. ill wait another week see what happens.

I did contact where I got the seeds just no reply yet. thanks for the help guys


Duke has in one of his descriptions that a leaf shape similar to what you see happens once and a while. I have looked for it but never seen it yet. I would be interested to see how it progresses so please keep us updated. To me I would say it is all genetics.

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I have looked for 2 days for sprouts of any pheno that looked like that and have seen none. like I said ill just let it go see what happens. honestly its all I can go they are coming out of the doom in a few days to go in a the veg tent.
we will see lol

Weeeeird. I think you’re growing a maple tree, lol


I found a seed in a bag of king kush. I germ’d, planted, it took awile to sprout, grew slow. looked kinda like that? for a lil while. But finally it grew a true 3 finger set of leaves. It didnt look like a weed plant in the begining either. Would u like me to post a pic?

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When your pH takes a little hit on levels, it affects the leaves casing them to twist and turn. If your plant is mature enough, you can either cut the tips off, or remove the leaf completely. The spots left on the tips or around the leaves are from NUTRIENT LOCKUP caused by your pH. Keep it at six, and check it every day. If the problem continues, just flush your system out with no-nutrated water with a pH at 5.5.
The only other thing it’s from is what @Rap said…
It’s all genetics

Looks like a tomato plant to me…never seen one that off

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Yea that’s what I thought it looked like. I took them out of the room this morning still no reply from who they was bought from. Well see what happens

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Did you send them pics of it…looks like a mater to me…that would suck but you’ll have maters

If I was to bet $$$ on it I would bet tomatoes and I don’t usually bet unless I’m pretty sure…doesn’t look at all like cannabis to me at all

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A tomato seed is super flat and nothing like a MJ seed. If it were a tomato you would of know when it was planted I would think.

I know it’s not a tomato because I have some of them growing too. But I just have never seen a leaf like that on a cannabis plant. It could have been the dome like chu666ky said


I have seen this before and it’s genetic not anything else.
Well it could also be " MOSAIC VIRUS " "
It’s known that the mosaic virus can also live in the soil, or be on the seed shell or transferred from one plant to another via your hands. Some growers have claimed to see the symptoms after exposing their plants to tobacco or tobacco smoke.?.

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Do a search on " Australian Bastard Cannabis "
The genetic variations on leaves is fascinating :vulcan_salute:


That pic is crazy lol…I’ll look up mosaic virus. This grow almost went down hill yesterday. I got a ilgm harliquin in with the acdc and it took off from the time it sprouted. Then I give it alil cal mag because I’m stupid and it fell over lol. Said hell with it repotted it in a bigger pot. Since it sprouted on the outside of it’s small pot since the dogs knocked it over.
Anyhow it came back up but now the leaves are curling and my acdc still looks ugly

You could grow this in the front yard!!