Anyone reuse saucer water?

I have excellent drainage in all my indoor pots so when I water the plants a certain amount always collects in the saucer. Question is, should I reuse that water or simply let it evaporate? Seems to me that it would have nutrient value to it.

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@RippedUrchin I always remove the runoff, you can use a big syringe and suck it all up. I personally wouldn’t reuse the water, others may have a different opinion.

I feed houseplants with it or throw it in my garden.


When potted soil dries out, it shrinks a little, and space opens up next to the pot wall. Then when you dump a bucket of water on it, the water runs down the walls and out the drain holes, until the soil expands again. So I think this is “clean” water that could be reused. But, my saucers get crappy, and the runoff could also be used to rinse out the saucer. Often, the runoff is sucked back in after and hour or so. Don’t leave standing water in your saucers or mold, bugs, 'gators will show up.

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I use a turkey baster to suck it up and it goes down the drain.

Yes never leave the water sitting in the saucers as it attracts bugs but the lights also create algae on it also and mold. I do like everyone else so far and turkey baster it out and i throw it on the garden plants and flowers and they seem to do really well with it.