Anyone remember a strain called PUNA BUDDER? anything similar now?

back in the day when i was in school (1999) we were getting PUNA BUDDER strain regularly. I found some seeds in Amsterdam from TH seeds. they were great but long ago lost the strain. Now i cant find it anywhere. can anyone recommend something similar? all I know is it was a hawaiian strain from TH seeds. Im looking for something new to try.

Says puna budder is a Hawaiian land race x afghani land race… nothing specific there’s several landraces in both regions so gonna be hard to say which cuz I don’t names might be able to find witch parents with more research

thats awesome i couldnt find anything about it other than it existed. at least i know where to start if i want to make it

Maybe you can single out what landraces they are … if I’m not mistaken areas like those in particular have multiple land races hopefully u can find more specifics u got me intrigued now I’m look a lil further I’ll let you know :sunglasses::v:

Ps. U ever wanna find out about a strain just go to Google type the name of the strain “name of strain” then the word "strain "
Ie. Og kush strain
2 super silver haze strain
3purple haze strain
Girl scout cookies (gsc) strain itll tell you alot about just about every stupid funny scary odd name it’s been used and documented …weird names out there and the parents they used to get that and then you can and will probably want to look up the parents which is probably gonna be 2 more crazy names then next generation u might see a firmiliar name lol the breeding game is crazy out there