Anyone ran ilgm jack herer autos?


First sprout in planter! Just wanting to not bother it and let it strengthen.


I have one thats above soil 2 that popped but are still buried. 3 that havent germed. Gonna do some peroxide in the water tonight and see if it helps em along.


Well, have sprout about four days. Will attach pics from yesterday and today. Notice low humidity? Can cover planter with plastic wrap. Good idea? At least until sprout reaches it. Next step is to calibrate pH meter and start checking run off water. Wish me luck!


My one that sprouted is doing good. Two others broke surface today. Im only doing 4 this round. Had 3 seeds that didnt make it. ILGM already has replacements in the mail…holla! So i dropped one more tonight. Will shoot some pics tomorrow. OnE LoVe


Bigger one is at 1 wk, other two are at one day.


Im also trying new starting pots. One solo cup with drain holes and one solo cup with drain holes cut in half length wise (pull the cut cup out of the full cup, seperate the halves and plant) i will transplant at the 8-10 day mark depending on development.


Plastic wrap or a plastic bottle or cup will work to raise humidity for the little ones.


@lashin ya still there?? Lol update… my 4 girls are doing well. The bigger is 11 days the other 3 are between 3-5 days. Had some germination issues. Heres the latest pic. One of the small ones has ducklike looking leaf due to a clingy shell. Hope you’re girls are growing well.


Looking good


Just got home from working out of town all week Got a couple issues going on. WA…wa…wa. They are by size 16 days, 11 days (2), 9 days. Jack Herer Auto


Just supercroped the 3 ilgm Jack Herer. Week 7 really smelly and already has a sticky finger to the touch.


@lashin ya still here?


Thanks for checking in with me. Taking a break from growing. Life always has a say in such matters! Have hooked with a few local people for more face-to-face guidance. Will definitely be checking in on forum. Hope you get one of my replies. Email responses have not gone through in the past. Anyway, appreciate your input.


Sweet! You live…lol when ya grow the Herer…its looking very promising!! I hear the break thing. A promotion at work has lead to ALOT of out of town work. The wife has done her best (and a pretty damn good job at that) keeping them going while i make adjustments on the weekend. @lashin