Anyone ran ilgm jack herer autos?

Finishing up a run of AH and NL from ilgm. Have 20 herer autos. Anyone have any info? Should i just expect a normal auto run? What were seed to chop times? What sizes space did each plant occupy? Have a couple of options to run next but i really wanna see the herer. Any help helps.

Use the search bar and search the strain

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Duh…lol. My brain still tells me that’s the search bar for seeds on ilgm site. LMFAO thanks for kicking my smoke brain into gear

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Lol no problem I do the same thing :wink: not to say people won’t help…but that’s literally the easiest way to find all the topics and posts already out there. Find a full journal start to finish…bam info

I’m just getting set up to do first grow, also Jack Herer Auto. Great to see where to look for guidance. Will get organized and do some real documentation with photos. Every 3-4 days?

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Start a grow journal. Here’s mine so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about. This is the easiest tool on this forum to use. It will allow you to organize your entire grow and discussion in one place. Then you can add others in to bring in and ask for advice. Happy growing!

Had a nice sprout emerge from peat pod after about four days. Keeping good light on it and ready to give her some fan action when temp starts climbing and stem shows a little more strength. Have Fox Farm Trio Nutrients on hand. Wondering when I would introduce them and procedure. Know I don’t want to overdo it!

@lashin It would depend on your growing medium if soil is it a light mix type? Im not familiar with FF nutes. Most say water only for 2 weeks then introduce at 1/4-1/2 strength. I grow with a light mix with almost no nutrient value. I also use organic biobizz i start day 4 with .25ml grow per liter. This is based on my own personal experience with my type lights and environment. If you introduce nutes this early at anywhere close to the makers suggestion it will probably fry it. Autos are more sensitive, start light and stay light with grow nutes but try and dial in how much she will take cause theres not a lot of time to waste. I normally top out at 2.5ml/liter on grow for a auto grow. Keep in mind this is using biobizz nutrients. Heres an Amnesia Haze i just chopped tonight


Yo, my current grow is wrapping up 2 NLA left 7more days or so? Lol. Have you popped your jack herer auto yet? Im gonna run 6 of em (maybe 4 and 2 Northen lights again, they are looking worthy of a back to back) so anyway, yeah lets start page and simultaneously post pics and a mini log or something like that that would be awesome plus it may help with any advice for us to soak up??? @lashin


Well, see a sprout on day four. Will see if I can attach a photo. It looks better, greener in the photo. It really looks kind of white. It’s only about a quarter inch so far, so it should show more life soon.

Sweet, i read there are phenos of the regular version that grow trichomes on the friggin stems!!! Im throwin my JHA beans in about a week or so after these slow ass Northern Lights autos finish.

So far so good. Sprout is hanging on. We’ve had some intense heat here in MA, USA. I was a little nervous. Using fans to keep temp/humidity under control. Anxiously waiting for time to transplant to the big planter. How long typically before seedling is strong enough? Sending photo.

I would get humidity up a little for the seedling high 60’s 70’s. I put a clear plastic cup over em with a couple little holes 1" above soil level.(personal preferance) I have always popped em and planted in finishing pot. Whatcha got going on with the mound of soil? Im not sure your giving enough space to shoot the tap down in that small mound. If your not going to disturb the roots too much i would move it to another pot really soon @Happy_Pappy @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @Screwauger. Hope you guys or gals dont mind me tagging you here dont want to lead astray and im confused by the mound???

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Maybe the mound was the peat pellet??

@lashin the seedling definitely needs some coverage. This is why I prefer rapid rooters @monsterblackbass

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Hows she lookin @lashin? Im droppin 5 or 6 JHA this weekend. Still waitin for 2 more to finish…

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Hello again. I’be been receiving your messages in my email and trying to reply there with uncertain results. Will now stick to forum itself and hope for better results. My trying to use peat pods to sprout has proved frustrating to say the least. I’ve stayed away for some days to calm myself. Getting ready to drop next seed in my big planter to begin with. Each seed has sprouted well, so I figure if I sprout this one in the big planter, I’ll probably be off to a better start. Will keep in touch. Thanks.

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I have always been a finish pot starter. I have thought about the biodegradable pots because they tear off easily for transplant but i dont want to take the chance of transplant shock. look n forward to some progress pics… OnE LoVe

@lashin is she hangin in there? I dropped 6 JHA just now. Chopping the 2 NLA in the a.m and adding some stuff to the room to get it ready for this go round. In super stoked!!!

@lashin lol