Anyone Own HIG 350r Light?


Trying to setup my first grow tent. I purchased a HIG 350r light. I purchased the refurbished one they had. Was packaged so well, it looked totally new? But, I’m not sure if I’m missing a cord?

The light has a heavy cord on top plus the small switch that controls the speed 0 to 100%. The heavy cord had to good size plugs. The power cord plugs into one of the heavy cords. But I don’t know what the other heavy plug does (came with no additional cord to plug in to it?

Tried calling tech support. Said I need to purchase another cord but I don’t see how it connects to this heavy plug. See picture of light below and link that tech support send and said I need to purchase.

Anyone else running this light and can clear up any connection issues/questions.

I do have an outlet timer that I can use to cycle the light on and off but wanted to check for other suggestions.


Tent - 2x4 AC Infinity

Exhaust Fan - AC Infinity Cloudline Pro T6 plus controller

Exhaust Filter - None “yet”. To be purchased

Oscillating Fans - Two AC Infinity

Light - HLG 350R


It appear that you somehow received a light with a 240 volt set up. I think HLG is telling you to rewire this connector, (see picture), that is on the input side of the driver, using a standard 120 cord with a male plug. You can always pick up a cord at your local hardware. If you are not sure how to do this. Take some pictures of your driver and new cord, then tag me or @dbrn32 for help.


We can help yoi get this squared away. Can you post a picture of power cord in a way that i can see connections?


Mine happens to be out of the tent rn. It’s 120v. Got a pic of yours from the same angle?


Thanks for the replies. Here is a better picture.

Let me be clear, the light works fine. As you can see, the unit has a connector that has “two” large plugs. I was able to connect the 110 volt cord to one of the plugs (in the picture, it is going upward). Works fine and the dimmer works perfectly.

I was just confused as to why there was a second plug? What I’m holding in my hand.

The light didn’t come with a lot of detailed instructions or illustrations.

I was more concerned with how to get it to turn off and on and adjust the intensity via them controller (and phone app).

Big learning curve here

Thanks guys!


Oh OK, I thought you couldn’t power up the light. If I am not mistaken that is a splitter to power an auxiliary light. The HLG UVA light that I bought a while back had the same little round connector for power, and it came with a three way power cord that had the round connector on one end, a regular female on one, and a regular male plug on the last end. This cord would allow you to power both the UV and the main light off of the same cord.


Also it is my understanding that you can unplug the manual dimmer from the junction box. Then plug this AC Infinity adapter into the junction box, then connect the adapter to your AC Infinity controller.


Correct. That’s how it works in my tent. 69P UIS dongle AC-ADL8 Type B Resistor Dimming Dongle connected RJ-11 and Dimmer Dial is removed from 350R controlling.


Thanks for the input. Ordered on and it will be here tomorrow

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I am running my 350R and Vipar Spectra V1200 at 25-30 inches above. The HLG is at 50% or less and matches the output (at this distance, not foot print) for the V1200, both being in the 40-50KLUX range. Cant dim the Vipar only turn off veg/bloom switches (about 265watts per switch). Temps 70-73, 12/12, -5VPD leaf temp offset, 40-50%RH.

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