Anyone knowledgeable about a product called Terpenator?

I was shown a product called Terpenator that is supposed to increase the terps.

I would really appreciate input from someone who has experience with this product.

Thanks to all for your positive input.

Stuff like that and bud candy I heard is nothing but molasses. But if you use it and have success, let us know

I have been running bud candy my last few grows and didnot use on my first grow and cant remember a oh this is it moment but nothing was the same to compare it to. This time im running it and terpenator (bud candy) to see if it makes a difference but i have one plant that has some major tricomes and has sence week 2 but i will let you know in about 5 weeks when its ready

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I generally use Floralicious Plus and frankly think it’s a waste of money. The nutrient regime seems to have more impact on the terpenes than a booster IMO.

Thanks to all who offered helpful advice.

Looks like good nutes and a little sulfur-free blackstrap molasses will be the most productive approach.

Nftg’s Persephone’s Palate works similarly…but is different. The lignosulphanates help keep the microbes happy, much like molasses, but also different. :grinning:

I use it as my calcium supplement, a microbe booster, and a terpene enhancer. I need to buy another bottle, actually. :grinning:

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Blackthumbbettey…thanks for the input.