Anyone know what this is

Never seen this before so really unsure

Only seeing it on this one leaf

Here is a pic with the flash

Phosphorous deficiency? (See No 1 & 4 below)

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It looks more like an abundance of something rather than a deficiency. Possible mold. Clip and move on, see if it progresses.

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Its an auto flower i just threw in my veg tent thats just starting to flower.

In/out numbers?

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I was thinking some type of mold or root issue. I removed the leaf and took all plants outside to spray with neem oil then brought them back in for 4 hrs dark.
Figure if it some type of fungus or mold the neem will help with that :crossed_fingers:

Its been hot in there around 86 degrees and mid 60s humidity

I’d consider doing a mix of water and peroxide. Isn’t neem mainly for pests?

High temps and humidity could be mold. If it were roots your pH should be dropping and it shouldn’t me consuming a lot. Similar to lock out. Yeah?

Edit your temps are ok drop humidity if ya can. 50-70 first couple of weeks then aim for mid 40s… during flower. :man_shrugging:

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Neem is for pest but its also fungicide


NICE. Use it carefully and selectively before you get to flower. Last thing you want to be doing is spraying buds!

Id imagine you would want to cover majority of foliage before lights out.

Thanks for sharing this product with me.


I prefer this neem because you don’t have to mix it with soap and water like pure neem. Plus you can buy it at lowes or home depot for about $10

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I hear, well read, neem oil isn’t advised during flower, as it is absorbed by the flower and can effect the quality somewhat of your end product, mainly taste.

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I just started to see pistil about a week ago so not real concerned about flowers atm.