Anyone Know What This Bug Is?

Noticed this little guy on my leaf any ideas? And if so what can I do to control the issue.

Not sure the bug, but neem oil in water with a couple drops of dish soap, in a fine spray bottle. Don’t soak, but be somewhat liberal. Over/under leaves, top of dirt/soil. Every other day for about a week in morning or evening to avoid sunburn. Then once a week to maintain. Jacks Dead Bug Juice is a premix spray that works as well. Good luck!!

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Okay I’ve been trying Neem oil with water and dish soap no success but I’m trying Maggie’s farm 3-1 garden spray now hopefully it works thank you for the response

If not captain jacks dead bug is supposed to be good too


I’ll have to check that out next if this doesn’t work thank you!

Haven’t heard of Maggie’s Farm pest control, but my wife and I went to CO Springs for our honeymoon this year and deeeeeefinitely went the dispensary. Can’t do that here in _____. Only downside was covid restrictions made it a kind of lengthy process.

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That is a thrip, and the thing about thrips, where you see one, there’s many more. Captain Jacks will get them squared away.

Yep, exactly. I soak mine, pay close attention to where the sections where the leaves join to main stems, they love hiding in there.
Always spray right before lights out.


After having cabbage worms that could play in the eye of a needle (tiniest suckers I’ve ever seen), and a couple other minor issues with 6 legged pests I stay on it. Tried not to douse the little brown spider I had in mine, but no sacrifice, no victory!!


Big fan of Captain Jacks grow outside I use it every three or four days. No bugs.