Anyone know what strain this is?




Haha that looks delicious! :yum:

Captain Crunchberry? Fruity Pebbles?


please tell me this is real…:yum:
Looks so good


That looks wonderful. I go along with @bluntley420. Capn Crunchberry. Looks tasty for sure.


Haha I immediately thought of fruity pebbles too. Looks yummy whatever it is :grin:


Rainbow kush??? Hehe idk.:sunglasses:


Its real my mate said fruity pebbles like @bluntley420 so I’m guessing that’s it


Thanks everyone well now i know fruity pebbles or captain crunchy


Fruity pebbles, just like @bluntley420 said. But isn’t it died to look that way? Where did you get those seeds if it’s growing that way? I must have some.


Have no idea mate but looks great :+1:t2:


I would like some seeds too…yummmmmy


I have a strain from Centennial Seeds in Colorado called Halcyon. I have no idea what to expect or how to best deal with it. They claim that it is a mix of Afghan indica and Columbian sativa. I grew two, they grew like crazy, but both turned out male. Can anyone help?