Anyone know the problem?

The plants were grown from seedling on the window sill of my house, and we’re getting plenty of sunlight. Since then, I’ve put them into my tent, as everything is set up properly. My only problem is these marks on all of the leafs of the plants. They are all autoflower, but I’m concerned that my LED light may not be powerful enough? Here are the plants:

The LED light is this one from Amazon

Is it a problem with the light, or does it look like overwatering? The first plant shot up when the first bud formed, but the others don’t look like they are doing much.
The tent is 2ft by 4ft
Cheers dudes,

Pictures taken in natural light will help us help you.

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Okay, I’ll add some now, thank you

Check for pests. Could be thrips. They’re bad this year. A lot of growers have been fighting them.

do you think the 600w Led light is fine?

I would consider an upgrade for next grow around if you want to continue growing.

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Could be a little over fertilizer. Try some bone meal.
I bought 2- 600 w lights from Amazon and had to put my 4 plants outside after 2 months as they were like string. They are flowering now, much better. Im going to get rid of the lights. They are Chinese. One is Niello the other is no brand name just says upgrade 600w. Junk

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