Anyone know of a strain for severe migraine headaches?

Was hoping to find info on strains for migraine headaches. Any info would be much appreciated! !

There is info on best medicinal uses for every strain in Robert’s seed bank. Give all the strains a browse.


Thank you. Will do it for sure!


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Here are a few that should help.

Strain Name: GDP X Purple Urkle
Grade: A
Type: Indica
Looks: ****light green, dense, medium sized nugs covered in light orange hairs and completly douced in crystals. stuff shimmers in sun-light…….
Smell:dank, purple, berries,
Taste: …….purple, berries on the inhale and also that classic purp taste on the exhale.,
Effects: *Immediate, long lasting, very strong, a true one hit sh… kind of strain.,.
Potency: …Very strong, very potent, high THC. Not for daytime use of first timers as it may be too much for them or for veterans to get things done. It will put you on couch lock for hours!..

Good Strain For: **Chronic pain, back pain, migrains, anorexia, nausea, insomnia, depression, anxiety……
Similar Medical Marijuana Strains:
Dary Queen
Casey Jones
Bubba Kush


Thank you very much for the info. I’ll try to find some of those seeds and give it a try. Corleone was a good strain as well. But cannot find it anymore. I do have LSD Flowering right now so that’s good to see it was listed as well. Once again thank you and happy groing my friend!

@garrigan62 and many others on here, I would like to thank you all kindly for advice and so forth. Best growing to all!!!


You are very wevome and thank for the kind words.
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If you ever have any question you feel free to ask.

B Safe