Anyone know of a flowering fertilizer with NO nitrogen?

Every time I use even a quarter of the recommended dose of Fox Farm Big Bloom I get signs of nitrogen toxicity. My girl gets really dark green and starts forming claws and today her tippy top started going yellow from the inside out like iron had been locked out on her. I immediately flushed her out with clear water and she looks better but I can’t have this when I’m trying to get her to grow buds. I looked into the ratios on some flowering fertilizers and they contain twice as much nitrogen as Big Bloom does. Is there a way to just get the P and the K without any N?

Here. So you can see I’m not crazy.

Fox Farm Big Bloom (veg fert): 0.01-0.3-0.7
Fox Farm Tiger Bloom (bloom fert): 2-8-4

BAT GUANO is a good bloom fert, w/o any nitrogen in in.

I would have to ask what you are growing in? The environment, PH etc…