Anyone know if these Led Emitter Lamps work good?

im looking to at these LED deep red DIY kits and wondering if this would be something i could use or should use . im running 2x 240w LM301h and lm 281 boards both 3000k with UV and IR and has some red epistars plus a 600w HPS in a 5x5 room. so would this light even do anything I need? Ive heard you can reduce dark cycles with these but that seems so counterintuitive to all ive known .

What your thinking about is a flower initiator … I believe there supposed to ran 15 minutes before and after your light scheduel be for you flip and the far red phytochrome is greatly reduced and when you decide to flip it makes the transition from veg to flower much quicker not as much of a strech I would think because you are reducing the transition time dont quote me on reduced strech from preflowet I’m trying to he logical…
But can you list specs for those lights I’ll look up a far red imitator pre built and compare… but I’ll get the light man over here @dbrn32 seen these before?

Do you know which leds are on the board?

Looks like if they are worth a damn they would be easy supplementation to strip builds :thinking::thinking: throw a couple of the on a hlg 135