Anyone know if General Hydroponics flora nectar goes bad


Picked this up for $21 pretty sure I cant use it all before it goes bad

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Im using Floranectar that’s probably 2 years old. I haven’t had any problems.


Thinking ill use about a gal per year the containers 6gals, wish me luck.


Could you break it down into other smaller, seal-able containers? Then the portions you’re not using would remain sealed until you’re ready to use them.



Since set it contains sugar, it can go bad if bacteria, yeast and fungi start growing in it.

This product is not compatible with DWC as the sugars will breed bacterial and willed-Lester the O2 quickly. I got a root mess from using sugars in my DWC.

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Put up a picture of your label. Specifically the contents. There is a chance you could bring to boil and put into sealed jugs(not to be opened until you need them). From the label above I don’t see why you could not do this. Everything in is heat stable. I would have to check though.


I actually use flora nectar in dwc in weeks 6 and 7 of flower in my dwc :wink:

You are right though @WickedAle it’s something you have to be careful with.

I only add it for a little extra taste in that short time period

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