Anyone know for sure what bugs these are

I can see some mealy bugs on there as well… I don’t think these are white flies . Maybe they’re white aphids.??
I’ve never had bugs before and this is like my 10th closet grow…Must have been in the soil …Fox farm.
Anybody know for sure what these are and what I should do about it? Will they come out in the wash? I can’t imagine spraying anything on my plants. Thanks!

What week are you on, veg or flower? Those look like as you mentioned aphids.

Depending on what stage your in, can give us better recommendations. How long have you noticed them?

If you take a picture of the whole plant and it’s grow environment will help as well. @Covertgrower might be able to help.

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I’m probably still 2 or 3 weeks from harvest. Autoflower.
Just notice them, Thought they were little fuzzies…
closet setup , two 600 W Viparspectra lights 4x4 space two plants.
In my bedroom. Temperatures have been within range, humidity has been within range.Grown many times in this closet never had a problem That’s why I assume maybe they were in the soil…I appreciate your input…

And it appears that most of them are dead.

I’ve never dealt with bugs so any help would be appreciated

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Am lucky and not had any bug issues by being proactive using Neem oil spray during veg stage to prevent pest/bugs, you spray it directly on the plants at lights out.

I would wait for covert or another experienced grower to validate you to course correct.

My suggestion is to use D.E on top of the soil. Not on the plant itself. Not to repeat myself, Neem oil prevents them for future reference.

If u can prolong it for a month or so get captain jacks dead bug. Spray the piss out of it under over on the sides everywhere and soak the soil down and do all plants around or if they r in the one u didnt spray well they will move on over again. Lrolly do a thorough clean in the area and spray it down or aomething to make sure no bugs there before u put back. Repeat i believe every other day for 2 werks or so. Even of u dont see them spray a few times more or they will come back. @Joshmcginnis28 oh looks like thrips to me.

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To add to this, if you get the ready to use bottle, and concentrate, you’ll need the concentrate for a refill. When you mix the concentrate, mix it double the concentration they say. It works more effectively, at least for me it did.


:point_up_2::point_up_2: they got you covered . Definitely worth the money to get the concentration and mix own solution

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Man fresh oit of likes atill. Bull donkey. I even slept for the night lol