Anyone know about the legality about the monopolization around nevada area?

So I cant buy seeds or clones from the dispensaries around me…I am not allowed to grow within a specific distance from a dispensary?( but its kind of like ehh f you, I do what I want not like im growing 50 plants its just a 2 at a time.) So you mean to tell me a big corporate entity is allowed to privatize an entire industry without breaking any monopolization laws? I am not even gonna lie but I think i am going to setup a free consultation with a lawyer because this just don’t pass the smell test. I was wondering if anyone else had any issues? This is like saying you cant open your minimart across from a walmart because walmart wants to create a monopoly…or that you cant grow lettuce because you live by a walmart.


It was probably proposed that you couldn’t grow at all. Being able to grow x amount of miles away from dispensary was likely concession for people that live in less inhabited parts of the state, and don’t have whatever someone determined as “reasonable access” to a dispensary. As such, if you can buy it you must buy it.

There are other states that it’s perfectly legal to buy recreational cannabis, but you can’t grow at all.


Before az passed recreational, you couldn’t grow if you were within 25 miles of a dispensary. They strategically placed the dispensaries to were only 3% of medical cardholders could grow. So glad that ish is over with now.

Bro it straight up got my cherries frazzled, I really want to bring a lawyer to this issue hahahhaha

You must like lawyers, LOL. You really want to call attention to yourself?


What attention, cops around here do not do paper work for 1 plant so im not really worried lul…No and yes, I like good lawyers.

and its like legal…

Either way you like or dislike of lawyers is a bad thing especially if u hate corporatism. Their the only ones with the knowledge to put up a decent fight.

Such policies are nothing more than state governments protecting tax revenue.


Exactly, what I don’t get is that for instance in every other state besides like one, and i think thats Illinois, prescription medicine is tax free at least like 90% of the time. How are they honestly legally allowed to charge tax for medicine? Like specifically for people who use it for cancer treatment? On top of that telling someone they cant make a business in the US whether it be growing or not is just wrong. They know the industry is new, they know how fast its growing, and say I did want to start a business, what gives you the right to take away my self autonomy, its like taking away my right to provide.

As long as I follow the law then they should have no issues, if their not trying to run a monopoly then why are they so pissed about random people trying to start a business in the industry, like if its not about making a monopoly out of the industry, whats the haps uk?

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In Nevada you can grow medical marijuana if your local dispensary or dispensary’s with in 25 miles of your home does not carry a specific strain that you use for your medical condition.
I suggest you get a medical card and find a strain the dispensary/dispensary’s don’t carry.
Good luck

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I think it would be easy to find a strain the dispensary does not use. There are like a bazillion strains out there.

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I actually do have one, its just for california guess ima have to get a new one.

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