Anyone ID this discolouration please asap

Anybody help with this? Seems to still be coming through slightly on new growth and getting a little worse

I’m in Bio bizz All mix soil, no nutes started yet, temp is steady 26/27C (unless I open tent) Rh is 66/67%

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The other plants seem to be okay though :pray:t2:

Just looks like variegation on a young plant. They typically grow out of it as they get more vegetation.


Ahhh okay sweet! Thanks bro! Does my head in how much they worry me :rofl:

Lol, don’t worry. In time you’ll be pruning by just yanking the leaves off with your hands. You can beat them up pretty good and they just keep taking it.


Hahaha wicked thank you bro! Honestly one of if not the best hobbies / obsessions I’ve ever got into :face_with_hand_over_mouth: it’s really addictive and makes me feel proud watching them grow

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You’re their caregiver…this is your new jobby. (job + hobby). Corny huh? :+1:


Hahaha I love the cornyness :laughing:

Looks like a little leaf variegation, the new growth looks good :love_you_gesture:


Thank you brother :pray:t2: Has eased my mind massively :laughing:

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I had The exact same thing happen with a GSC auto last grow. Turned out fine. Fairly common, right?


They’re all looking really good, actually.

Wicked stuff! Yeah I had a ton of issues with my first grow which was a cherry bomb auto and melon gum auto, but the cherry bomb actually turned out pretty damn good, and under a weaker light and worse environment :face_with_hand_over_mouth: they was in a kitchen cupboard, in a third storey flat, had no ventilation in there just fans, humidifier, and a vipaspectra v600 (246W I believe) now I’m using 420 W so hoping for a better run this time round :pray:t2: