Anyone here use ReCharge?

Does anyone here use Recharge??? It’ sold at realgrowers…It’s full of beneficial Bacteria, Kelp and Molasses…

Oh boy ! Stoner don’t like molasses…lol

" And I think you might already know my feelings about “Molasses” It can actually attract more bugs and create an environment for fungus and bacteria to thrive and may cause more problems than it solves especially if the ploblems are mostly from an overly acidic root zone"

This is what he told me about using molasses. So true!
P,S Hope you don’t mind me reposting that. Thought I would save you some time…lol


I’m not sure about recharge, I’ve not yet heard of it.

Ingredients made from kelp and molasses can be good, but too much sugar isn’t good, it does nothing directly for your plant.

However, in low doses it probably does feed some good bacteria, which it might be doing in this instance.

This might be a decent product in some instances, especially soil grows, and maybe even in hydro, it all depends on exactly what it has and in what proportions, I’m not immediately ready to condemn it, lol.

Here are Latewood and my thoughts on real plain molasses, in and of itself:

Not totally sure of the proportions but it contains Kelp, Molasses,Beneficial bacteria, plus Trichoderma and Mycorrhizae fungi. I learned about it from the DudeGrows show, a tri weekly podcast about growing pot. They have guests from lighting and Nutrient companies…I’ve been using Molasses for the last few years and have never had a problem with bugs. I wrote DudeGrows and he sent me samples of Recharge. I noticed more vigor and growth after a few days of using it. It will definitely be a part of my grows from now on…

It sounds interesting. but I could not recommend it without doing a trial 1st.

MacG. I agree with you. No need for Regular, plain molasses. Except; If you wanted to create you own Organic soil blend. However; It would takes months to break everything down. The ingredients are there, but not for immediate use. IMO

I’m doing a trial with it now. something in it is doing something because I can always see a difference a few days after using it. I’m working on getting a decent camera so I’ll soon be posting pics of the grow soon…