Anyone here ever use bud candy / big bud and can attest to it?

Got a bottle each of Bud Candy and Big Bud, wondering if anyone here has actually used them and can attest to their use?


Ive seen them mentioned here a few times. Ive never personally used it but some growers live by it.

My opinion: bloom boosters are unnecessary. All bloom boosters are is a stronger solution of P and K that is already in the product you already use. If you want the effect of “bloom boosters,” just feed more of your nute line’s PK product. You will be introducing less salts into your grow medium doing this and will still achieve the effect you are looking for. Adding bloom boosters may result in a mineral salt buildup that submarines root zone pH.


I used the entire line of Advanced Nutrients for a few years, but I ultimately eliminated several of the products I found to be unnecessary. I still swear by their stuff, the results really do speak for themselves.
I use the Cal/mag Extra, Connoisseur base nutrients, B-52, Big Bud, and Bud Candy. Some of the other products are a little redundant.
To answer your question more specifically, Big Bud is a great Bloom Booster. It delivers extra P and K without overwhelming the plants with too much N, but you need to be very careful with it until you have enough experience to be able to tell when your plants are looking for that boost.
Bud Candy isn’t so much for the plants as it is for the microbial life in your soil. I use Microbe and Fungi products (but not from Advanced Nutrients), and the Bud Candy helps keeps them fed and happy, along with also having a bit of Magnesium for the plants as well.