Anyone have the Cash Crop 4- need advice

Hello- I got the Cash Crop 4 from Dealzer & wanting to know if anyone has used one to grow hydoponically with it. Mine is the 3 ft tall/6 plant box.

Hi there, we just had someone else ask about this, you might read it. Newbie planning hydroponics grow, help please!. Hope this answers you questions. Sorry I over looked the you have one part. Maybe someone who has one will jump in and help

Thanks- just read the link and I must say, have to agree. It sounded good when I saw the ad on here but didn’t really look/investigate other options and such. Now that I bought it & having just finished one grow in soil, I thought I’d try this cash box out using hydro. but doesn’t seem like anyone has used/bought one & had any success growing in one. :disappointed:

i bought that about a year ago. it is currently being used as a shelf. i found it completely worthless.

$8 computer fan does nothing for ventilation.
$3 power strip + 3 weak ass 14w cfl’s for $5
tiny bucket that will never ever grow 6 plants succesfully.
air stone the size of my pinky nail - useless.
$5 airpump that would barely be suitable for a kids fish tank.

all of that = $500?? i still regret that purchase to this day. id offer to sell you mine but,…im not that mean.

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