Anyone have luck with a spring season in

Texas using auto flower seeds? I figure I’d have to use an auto flower or the plant would turn back into veggie state.

Only outdoors , indoors you control the environment as best you could to give the plants the environment they need to grow , you’ll need a few accessories but it’s doable !

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It’s too late for outside right now here in SE TX. Sun is too low. Plant in late May to late July and you’ll have great sunlight through to harvest. Indoor you can plant an auto, put it on an 18/6 light cycle, or 20/4, or 16/8. Doesn’t matter. It starts flowering when IT wants to regardless of what cycle you have it on.

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So this is the feature Autos have that I’ll seek to exploit this year.
My plan is to start and train my Autos indoors for a move outdoors in May.
I want to have my Auto’s structures pruned and starting their 1st week of flowering
when I move them outside in late May. Depending on how long to finish.
I could begin selective harvesting by the 1st week of Aug.
Way before any photo plants can finish outdoors.
Harvesting all the Autos before the photo clones that go out at the same time.
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The problem with planting an auto flower plant then is the heat. Plants do not produce thc when temps are too hot which it gets in south texas by that time of year.

The last few years I’ve been planting in June or very early July for a fall harvest so plants are flowering when temps are lower during fall. No need for an auto flower plant planted then as they will flower on their own.

I figure young plants may need extra light cause of our short days now so will get a grow light to supplement them when I put them in each evening.


Most autos start flower within 3-5 weeks so probably the end of April will be your best time to sprout. I planted one outdoor in September by beginning of November there just wasn’t enough light no matter where I set it. @Pet_de_Chien does some pretty sick training on his autos check out his threads


Yup, I’m learning to watch, and following some of the best.
Who says an Auto can’t take high stress training? I call BS.
My current JHA was mainlined without an issue on my 1st attempt.
So yes I plan to mainline and use other pruning structures on them before going outdoors.

Finishing Autos with less than 12/12 is no good, IMHO.
I am finishing my current JHA on 20/4 while vegging my photos!
Autos brought outdoors at the optimum time will finish flowering near max light intensity.
I’m certainly hoping some of my WWA and JHA seeds excel next year with this plan.

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I just flipped my photos a little over a week ago and have an auto just finishing 2 weeks flower. The auto flowered quicker than I’d thought so she was at 18/6 the first week. Minimal training. the photos got some decent LST, though.

I’m new to this forum and haven’t figured out all the navigation yet as it’s different from what I’m used to. So the point is I don’t know how to follow or find that guy’s threads.

If they start to flower that fast I will wait some before getting started but will try much earlier than end of April. I’ll figure it as an experiment so if it yields some decent smoke it’ll be a bonus.

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Bonus is always good lol. Here’s the thread…

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Thanks for the tip. He’s doing an indoor grow which I’m not into, simply don’t have room for that.

I do see the point of not enough light and my growing spot on the back porch is somewhat shaded as it is. After some more though I’d figure I’ll do the plants in stages, some in feb, some in march and some in april so I can see what’s the earliest I can plant. Gonna need more seed.

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Are you above the equator or below it will give you a better outdoor time line.
If find out what moon signals full spring for your GPS location and that information should help you a bit maybe …to put outside

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Well I wrapped up the spring grow. I had to start them in the greenhouse since I started in Feb. moving them out on warm days. I did use a couple of LED grow lights and a heat lamp when in the greenhouse early on. I did 4 AK47 auto flowers and staged my harvest last of which is drying now and some is curing in jars. Plants did not get big but, had nice sized buds of good quality. Just wanted to follow up that it’s doable to get a spring harvest.

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That’s cool you got some flowers to hang up have you ever tried running photoperiod plants .you mention Texas. The sun should make some strong plants and stronger smoke.

Oh yea, this wasn’t my first rodeo. Been smoking and growing weed for over 50 years now, just first time using auto flowers.

Do you like the autoflower flowers ? I tried some it was not very impressive . Might have been just the kind I had , them free with order seeds .

I like the fact I could get an outside harvest in late May. The weed is potent enough but, not has good as photocells. The flowers are not as dense either.

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