Anyone have experience with aptus nutes and coco coir?

I have the ambassador pack. Using 60/40ish coco perlite. Am I to feed every time? Running 600 mh 16/8. Please respond. I do know that when I tried to skip a day watering I could tell at lights on!

Thanks and please help I want good medicine for me and the wife.

In general you want to feed coco daily. I’ve been feeding my plants every two days and they are usually on the verge of being not happy by then… I just don’t have time for everyday feeding. Just look out for nutrient burn and that’s an indicator to back off the nutes. Some people feed twice a day. Some do water then feed and continue with that but it depends on your plants appetite and how strong your making it. Also bigger pots take longer to dry out.

Also you never really want it to dry out because you’re plants will suffer tremendously if it gets to dry. Trust me I’ve had it happen more than once.

Sorry I don’t know that nutrient line but all I can say is don’t follow the dosage on any nutrient bottle. Start out weak and work your way up.

Thank you VERY much

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Bottom feed coco constant nutes solution like hydro you’ll be fine

Bottom feed even if I’m a 60/40 perlite blend?

You’ll want to get roots to start going towards bottom but then yes bottom feeding coco is the easiest method

Perlite just aerates the substrate so the roots can grow faster and easier

Check out autopots

I’ve never bottom fed but I’ve heard great things. What I do is sprinkle some great white on the taproot when it’s in paper towel and before the next day, they’re very long. I then sprinkle some more in the hole i put the seedling in. Seedling breaks the top in less than 24 hours. By day 3 or 4, I always have roots poking out the bottom of my solo cup

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Could a flood and drain table work!?

Yea @ThatoneAKguy ran one like that also

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