Anyone have any thoughts about the MH TS3000W LED

hello fellow growers… just seekkng some feedback on the Mars Hydro TS3000W LED … anyone using one or have any experiences with one in VEG and Flower ? helping a friend set up a space and doing some light research… its likely gonna be a 4x4 tent and i know the TSW2000 doesnt have quite the flower power they are looking for…

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I dont have any with the 3000, but everyone I know who grows uses the tsL2000 in a 2x4 tent and I use two ts1000s and they do great. in fact we all have to turn them down about 30%. They are good lights so far.


I use the TSL 2000 also. It’s fantastic but is maxed out in a 4x2. Everything you read about the 3000 is good but not cheap. It will be my next light when I upgrade my tent.

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thats what i was thinking also so maybe it will give them the flower power they are looking for… i veg under tsw2000 and tsw1000 and they have been great lights for me for veg… im just hoping the ts3000w would have the juice at well over 400w from the wall to drive flower harder than a tsw2000 does to meet their needs… i flower my room under a mix of HID and quantum panel LED’s but i know the HID drives most of that… appreciate the feedback… jus tryen to help a friend in need get a good light without breaking their bank too bad…

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Fort $70 more you could get two TSL2000s putting out a total of 600w and you’d have more adjustment flexibility. Just a thought.