Anyone have any reviews on this light?

So I just got this light

I was wondering if anyone is using or have used this light? I have a 600w LED I use and a 1000w/super lumens HID light, atm

According to the web site it is 190w out of wall,less the fans use so probably 150 /160 watts ± what’s your budget and how good a bud do you want to grow?



I have used the 1200w version since August 2020.

I have two 4x4 tents… 2 of these lights in each… And have had great results so far… My harvest is in about a month +/-.

Latest pics:

The buds… So far… Are very dense and smell awesome.

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I switched from the blurple lights to a Bloom Plus BP3000. I considered it an investment. Definitely worth the $$.


Word. I’ll look into them. I wanna try to get a thread going to where we can just compare all lights, either on a budget or not. I think it’d be good if not already done

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Just wanted to add…just harvested and drying the 3 plants in my pics they are my smallest plants.

The buds are huge and dense… Will post pics once dry… Still have 6 more to harvest in the next couple of weeks. I am convinced that for the money I spent… I have results way beyond my expectations. I currently have 32 quart wide mouth Mason jars ready for curing and by the looks of harvesting my first three I may need more…

Again I will keep you posted and update pics in 7-11 days.


Awesome! Your plants looked really nice my man! Let me know how it smokes when the time comes around :slight_smile:

How did they turn out?

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i have been looking for places , that give good info too , somebody told me to look at (removed unauthorized link) they have good info , but what do i know ,lol

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@MoBilly @MrTiger

Finished harvest a little before Christmas.
Out of all 9 plants, started them crammed in a 4x4 tent… Approx 1.5lbs after drying… Still curing. I found if I harvested, hung full plants, then trimmed and jarred… around 70%rh in the jars and aired them out regularly at burp time every day until I got to 60-65% for cure I got better results than overshooting the dry at 52%rh in jars. Trying to rehumidify with boveda packs didn’t add the desired humidity.

Next time around will go better… I learned a lot.


What improvements did you get after switching to those lights?

Starting next grow in a month… If I can improve my ilgm seeds growth it will be worth it.

Just saw the one you listed… The BP3000 for $65!

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Do you have any pictures of the bud now?
I’m on day 5 of flower now with sky walker og and Bruce banner now. We’ll see how the light works out that I linked earlier for flowering, also have a full spectrum 600w Led right next to that one but I already know how the full spectrum performed so we’ll see boys/gals lol

Remember to tag me when you make another run at it. I used bovida pacts attempting to add moisture back to some bud that over dried as well. It did help but the flavor was terrible. It still has some potency but I won’t smoke it. I’m thinking about trying cana caps with some of it.


Sure thing… Will get picks posted a bit later. This harvest was all old bag seeds… From now on ilgm fem seeds for sure.

Could you please post pics of your Skywalker and bb plants?.. Just bought some seeds from ilgm and curious how they turn out under your burple light.

How far along are they?

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Sure thing man.
5 days into flower, lollipopped them first day of flower. They’re good now though, can’t wait for them to start smelling.
I also have some pics of White Widow I harvested in September, I didn’t cure it the best though I had way too much going on at the time and was stressing lol but here ya go

Last two pics I just took just now.

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I did the same and love the BP3000


They’re looking good! How far in flower ?

Thanks. Starting the 5th week going into yesterday .

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Nice man! I got some going right now, a Bruce banner and skywalker OG, they’re 3 weeks in flower today

So far that’s with the light I posted and a full spectrum 600w led, but the light I posted has a veg and bloom switch but I’m just running the bloom without the veg switch also on cause I have a HID with some seeds and don’t wanna trip the power again lol

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The biggest difference was the heat. Once the heat dropped, everything else fell into place. The RH is good. No major swings in temp. The media doesn’t dry out on top so bad that it gets rock hard.

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