Anyone have a Source Extract?

You sure can! Well, to get wax and budder, you whip the taffy/shatter. If you fold together or mix together a nice translucent concentrate, you can get it to cream up, kind of.

I call the final product purged concentrate, then specify by starting material & texture.

Eg: Blue Amnesia concentrate, Blue Amnesia pull n snap, Mixed bud whipped budder.


So do I need to cook it down more to make this shatter? It ends up very dark rather than translucent like the quickwash or other shatter I’ve seen.

You need to make sure it doesn’t get over 130F so you need an oven, the turbo isn’t that accurate.

Do you have a Buchner filter. bad in bad out

No. Run it through the Source til it’s about cooking oil viscosity (about an inch of fluid in crucible), then air purge it.

DO NOT DECARB. DO NOT OVERPROCESS. DO NOT GET FIXATED ON COLOR. Green and black is not good for smokeables. Golden, Amber, Brown is ok.

Oh, the Source is between 100-105. Perfect temp.

Why do you say he wants 130F?

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I wasn’t sure of the temp, When I just have the silicon cup in there the machine seem to be getting hotter

Thank you guys for the info. This definitely helps a lot.

I don’t have one of those.

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Do you think the source turbo on turbo mode runs hotter? I would think that’s the only way it processes it faster in that mode.

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You can speed up the recovery by upping the vacuum pressure dropping the boiling point, I’m not sure this early but I think that’s what happens in turbo mode.

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If you get into this expect a mess and wasting a lot learning how to handle it. It isn’t EZ to get off “alcohol” it will just laugh at soap and water.

I see I’m not the only one trying gadgets.

The Hydro store told me “Hey try this” Supposedly mushrooms.

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Looks like a bag you need to grow shrooms. I’m not very familiar with this but have been on some other threads of people successfully growing some.


It was free. I’m lucky, I get a lot of stuff free to try.
I’ll take some pics of my cannabis extract when I do it.

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Well, that’s because you’re not supposed to run it like that. :grinning:

If you run it in away contraindicated by the company, things go weird. I know Troy is very, very specific about not running the Source with a silicon cup in the crucible.

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No. Turbo simply runs the vacuum more often.

I really recommend you all join the official Extractcraft forum on Facebook, as well as read everything you can on their website. The info is there. :grinning:

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