Anyone grown Casey Jones?

Has anyone grown the DH Casey Jones?

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Nope but I saw one on another forum. They grew Casey Jones and Chem Casey at the same time. CJ had the prettier buds but that Chem Casey was said to be off the charts terps wise. And ima chem fan.

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I got some of the DH Casey coming. I’m gonna cross it with Blue Dream, Northern lights and White Cookies.


All 3 sound AMAZING.

NL goes with everything. PERIOD.

The Dream is amazing when u find the proper phenos, both indy and sativa leaning keepers. It doesnt really cross the best usually. Need a proper male to bring its qualities.

White Cookies is… the white? X who’s cookies?

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My B dream is definitely Sativa leaning. The White Cookies I got from a friend who runs a legal grow in Oklahoma, it’s half White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies and out of all the newer strains I’ve grown it’s the best thc producer


Would be nice to see what comes out