Anyone growing Bruce Banner

Hey. Got my outdoor grow finally underway. Growing multi strains this year. Bug Bud, Original Glue, Blue Dream, Afganny, and Bruce Banner. All will be in 25 gallon mesh pots. Super Soil modified, per @garrigan62 .Anybody else growing Bruce Banner? Had some trouble with germination. Issues all resolved with ILGM. Great service. I have this tri truck plant. Got picked at by my Great Dane . Probably equivalent to a topping too soon. Anyway. Got LST going big. This is gonna be a winner. Should I top each or the 3 tops is my question. Ready for a bigger pot too. Thanks in advance. Always appreciated. Hapoy to be back. Rick on, peace out. :sunglasses:

Thanks @WickedAle appreciate it. Is it @Drinkslinger or @DankGunslinger ? That grew Bruce Banner? Might have responded to the wrong person…

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No worries @WickedAle , that’s who I DID respond to. Appreciated, man.:sunglasses:

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I sprouted 3 Bruce banner seeds. Put two in 15 gallon grow bags with super soil and organic promix layered and gave away to family members. The third I dug a 30”x30” hole in my green house garden and put in same soil mix as the others. She is almost 9 weeks and about 36” tall. I plan on lst to avoid the roof of the greenhouse. I’ve not smoked before but it comes highly recommended by some friends of mine. Hoping for good things.


Grew some Bruce Banner in South Australia outdoors, 4 plants, 1 from ILGM and 3 from another seed company, they were easy to grow.
Currently have 1 seed in a growwool block waiting for it to show her head for an indoor grow.
The smoke is great, nice and smooth with an uplifting high.
Bruce Banner has 32% THC, regular weed is around 16% THC.


32% I haven’t heard of arch that high but new to this all I have seen is 25%

Awesome job man @Popmybean Good picture. Hoping mine is that nice. First time with Bruce Banner. Wondering about how you prune it. I have crazy long arms coming up under 3 main stems. My Great Dane topped it and thats what I’ve got. Good stem. Very healthy plant. HIGH expectations. Any and all advice appreciated. I’m growing just south of Boston,Ma. Happy grow man.:wink::sunglasses:

Hey man @FrostyBuds , talk to me about pruning. Hope you are following this thread. Any advice is much appreciated. First Bruce Banner. Many grows. This plant is different. What strains grow good there? What’s your latitude, man? You mainly outdoor or indoor?:thinking::wink::sunglasses:

I only prune when necessary, I only pruned mine because I had to keep them below a fence line.
I’m in South Australia, I did grow outdoor this year after about 25 years of not growing anything but I am going indoor, I have the setup nearly ready, just waiting on an air pump for the DWC, have a Bruce Banner seed from ILGM in the growwool block right now just waiting for her to show her head.
Here is a thread on ICMag showing my setup for indoor.