Anyone growing auto's up north?

Have some leftover WW autos from last year and thinking about trying them outdoors in Norway. Indoors isn’t an option for me right now.

Anyone tried them out this far north? They will probably finish, but I’m worried about mold.

They should work out well if you get a lot of sun but also depends on how much sunlight you get


I have a nice spot, direct sunlight from 7-8 in the morning to 5-6 in the evening.

My worries is how tight the buds are, it rains a lot here in august/september. Mold?

Do you get alot of wind, if not then that may be something to watch for however it generally depends on where your starting them to autos dont take a full season to grow like photoperiods.

If you get lots of wind you shouldn’t have to worry about mold


My outdoor east coast blue berry autoflower using collective rain water in gallon buckets plus peat moss and organic worm casting and some other stuff 100 percent organic way than my attempt indoor lolUploading…

I will give them a try in addition to my Leb27S and Wild White from HybridsFromHell.

Lots of walking and scouting to find good places to grow. People up here really like to hike in the woods and mountains, almost impossible to find a site that isn’t closer than 100-150m from a trail.

I understand hard to plant outdoors here as well for that reason

It’s getting close to putting my girls outdoors.

I’m amazed how well my ILGM seeds sprouted after 1year stored in poor conditions. 7 of 10 came up and the stems are way thicker than my fresh LEB27 seeds!

Although the plants are stretching quite a bit due to natural light only, the cotyledons are close to first set of leaves. But my LEB27 are 2weeks old, 10cm and the cotyledons are half way down the stems.

So, should they be above soil when I repot them in 5gallon pots or can I bury them and just leave 2cm?

You could bury them and leave 2cm above ground yea that may be a good move @arcticGrow


They’ve been outside in poor weather for 3 weeks now, but they seem to doing alright. I didn’t have the opportunity to gradually expose them to outdoorlife so they had a rough first week, but are doing better now.

One week after repotting


Three weeks


And some Danish Leb27



They worked terrific for me. I’ve run a few of them up here in Ontario Canada. Not quite as north as you my friend…but they worked out great and had no issues in the past .

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Which longitude is that?

I’m at 59*. Unusually cold this may/june unfortunately, between 50-65F. Would’ve liked it at 65-70.

Latitude:44.018207944° 1’ 5.55’’ N
Longitude:-78.965515678° 57’ 55.86’’ W

so I’m sure that’s a big diffrence. But all ya need is 90 days! lol.

Some better pictures


Some lower growth too


Sorry im tryin to learn this! New
How do ya post some pics?

Upload from your phone the hit reply. Welcome to the forum, we are glad to have you!:+1:

Looking good! I think u have my twin …hahah
WELCOME! Everyone is super helpful and AWESOME on here. Enjoy!


Thanx that pic was a fiew weeks old they are taller than i already! Crips how big do they get lolol…
Train, and MOB

Same. They love to grow in the first stages. I topped mine a few times…they are nice and bushy now!