Anyone from Az?

Anyone growing in Az?

I am how can I help

Have you ever grew girl scout cookies outdoors? I’m at 7000 feet in elevation.

Yes and I’m at 5800-6500, what’s going on

I was just told by a friend that they weren’t good for outdoor? Mine seems fine.I’ll upload pic shortly.

I grow outdoors every season along with growing indoors

They do great outdoor if you know what your doing lol, I’ll check them out

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Right at 4 weeks old as of today

From seed or clone?

All seeds so far.


Hey Man,

That plant looks great. Indica dominant judging by the broad leaves. Indica is from Mountainous regions. So that is in your favor. :slight_smile:

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These are 2 months old. Largest is purple wreck.

She looks great for 4 weeks old nice job, I knew they do great here we have the right climate here, only problem is, summer is a little hot, my auto flower isnt liking it, however my northern lights one is kicking ass

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Thank you my friend. This has been an awesome year so far!

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And they are nice to purple wreck has always been in my favor lol, that looks Damn good for 2 months she’s huge, that strain does awesome here.

And i agree with @latewood, she looks to be indica dominant, girl scout cookie usually is indica dominant

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Yes sir it has, the rainstorms we’ve had these last 2 days have been pretty awesome, they’ve helped the plants flourish quite a bit

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Thank you guys so much! I’m just learning this year for the first time actually legally!! Lol

Lol! Welcome to ilgm, and any time it’s our pleasure, if you have any questions in here to help along the way, should be easy to help being we are both in az