Anyone experianced with AK-48?


I was looking for some input with AK-48. Has anybody grown this strain?

Any details on it?

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@Not2SureYet I think was growing that strain… nobody else sticks out that I can recall :v:


Thanks for the tip!

Defiantly interested in hearing what they have to say!


I did the AK 47. I dropped an AK 49 that didn’t make it. I had just saw the 47

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Just so I am clear, Are you saying your dropped a seed and waiting for it to come up?

If so, do you have a grow journal? or are you posting anywhere?

Hope it makes it, I would like to know how it turns out.


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I don’t have a AK 48. I went to look at them after I saw your thread here.
click on the search above and enter in the ak48 there are a few journals on this side from others that have grown this :grin:


This smoke is a working on me, I missed you said AK-49, thanks for bringing that to my attention.


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Lets see if this works. Looks like it is a good producer


Hows it going. I’ve growing AK48 indoor and outdoor. it generally finishes about 1 to 2 weeks brfore everything else in the room. Its a bushy plant and has buds fro the bottom to the top of the laterals. Also have its parent which is Jock horror. This is an awesome plant especially growing outside in a New Zeland summer.

Have also grown the AK47. Its another great plant, but if indoors you need to watch your temp, different temps, to hot will cause the buds to form pod like.

Nirvana do both. AK48 and Jock Horror. Its where i got mine from.

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