Anyone ever used one of these power pots?


Just wondering if anyone had ever used one and what they thought of it. Thanks @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @HornHead @Hogmaster @raustin @BIGE @Donaldj


I’ve heard of these, but never used one. I think a cloth pot does pretty much the same thing for a lot less money.


Yeah, price tag on those is too steep for me


I could have 15+ cloth pots but I’m sure they work would be cool to see one in action just not for me unless I seen something incredible happen


@Justgrowin there was someone on this site that uses these, but I dont recap who it was. Cloth pots are more budget friendly.


I like trying new shit and I ran across these. Thought maybe I would try one but the description says 5 gal equivalent. Was wondering how true their claims are for “equivalent” size


One way to find out. Haha I have seen them but never used them. I use cloth bags.


I ordered a 5 gal and a 7 gal. Might as well try. No one came on and said no they suck. So I guess I will try em


Never tried them but have seen some nice grows with them


I agree with you, I’ve seen some nice grows with them as well. :v:


too pricey for me :wink: can get 10 pots for the price of only a few of them but they do same thing as fabric pots


Yes I believe they do the same thing at a little more cost. I like the smart pot cloth pots


I was thinking the same thing @Covertgrower .


There use to be some one on here that did use them. They really liked them but… looks like your going to find out! good luck cant wait to hear how they do


I have not there was someone here using them
I have stayed away because of cost 23$ fir one pot is a bit much imho
You get the same benefits from soft pots for a fraction of the cost @Justgrowin


I found them for 14$ on eBay. Amazon has them as well but eBay seemed to b a lot cheaper. If u want to buy 6-12 of them the price goes down but I just want to try one first.


Im sure youll have good results the member who was using them seemed to enjoy them


I found the thread on theses pots for you

Has anyone used maxx pots?

Hope this helps you out buddy


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