Anyone ever use Aurora Soul Swell

Just wondering if anyone has ever use Aurora Soul Swell? At $500-$600 for a 5 gal jug just wondering if it does magical stuff

Never used it , But I’m sure it’s just smoke and mirrors …
It sounds Way too pricey for what you are doing…
I pay about 25$ us per gallon and that’s extremely expensive… :+1::grin:
In my opinion…:+1::wink:

I’ve been watching it at the package story with a $175 price on it so even when the store was 70% off it was still to much, but today it was dropped down to $10
I got 5 gal jugs of Calimagic,Bubba Grow I may try and sell them to the local hydro store that stocks these sizes for a store credit at 1/2 of wholesale, see if they’ll go for it. Only paid $5 each for them.

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You see the Bruce Bugbee USU is doing study’s on light leaks by keeping a Quantum meter monitoring the amount of red light it can receive at night and not affect the plant

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