Anyone ever try to do a 10/2/10/2 or 8/4/8/4 on an auto?

Just curious?

I’m assuming you are referring to light schedule. There are several people that grow autos almost exclusively. There are some that run I guess what you would call alternative light schedules, I’m not sure if they grow autos. I’m not to sure that real specific light schedules really make that much difference with autos.

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Never heard that, but I did just read an article on Maximum Yield from an expert who grows at a constant 6 on and 6 off. 18/6 works perfect for me on my autos, I tried 20/4 but went back to 18/6.

I’ve heard of people treating autos like that. Like kids when they are little they need a nap time. Once they hit maturity it’s time to get up and do some work. Let me see if I can find it. I think it may have been a Utah State paper.