Anyone ever try ILGM Godfather OG

Thinking about trying the Godfather OG. Anyone have any experience with it?


They just came out with it a few months ago so there won’t be any full grown plants yet.

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Ah, I understand. Thanks.

@Dexterado I grew gf og from weedseedsexpress feminized seeds… Grew great, strong, fast… After a nice cure in grove bags at 60rh…smells fruity… Smooth… Great buzz. Wiuld definitely recommend it… Ilgm seeds have a better guarantee but you pay extra for it. So far i have gotten great results from both places.

Hola senior @BobbyDigital

I hope your holidays have been merry and safe! Thanks for your help and tips. Have a happy and safe new years!

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Thank you! Same to you. Can’t wait to get out of 2021

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@BobbyDigital these back to back Winter Vortex will be nasty !

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Just grew some alongside with gold leaf the two right plants are godfather OF and gold leaf are on the left the nug picture is from godfather OG