Anyone ever seen white milky substance on a couple leaves...White Widow Auto

That, my friend, is called powdery mildew.

Don’t freak out. I’m going to assume you’re in the vegetative stage. Everything I’m saying applies to treating PM in the vegetative stage.

Mix 1part skim milk to 10 parts water, and spray liberally on the leaves. Wait an hour and wash it off. Repeat every other day as needed. That should clear it up. I’d also clear away other plants from your cannabis, unless they are specific beneficial companion plants. Maybe mulch the area a bit to cut down on the weeds.


This is only on 1 of the 5 i have at this spot…They are 36 days old & are flowering…

This is my 1st time growing Autoflowers…Are these looking about average for 36 days old…or above average??

In that case, I might take the additional step of making an actual lactobacillus acidophilus batch. Once you have that, apply as mentioned before. You can check at your local pharmacy for readymade bottles of perishable lactobacillus acidophilus, but it’s also easy to make your own.

I wonder what others think.

Edit: it looks like you’re watering the plants using tubes. That’s great, but the lack of water on leaves could explain the PM issue.


I agree with the @KeystoneCops white powdery mildew. And I would try to get rid of it quick as possible because it will spread. Just one of those things high humidity, rainy weather, damp, not enough airflow .


Yea…We have had a little rain over the past 2 days…Thats probably the cause…Its only on 2 leaves & not on any other plants near it…Thanks for the Info…


Have you sprayed anything on it that could leave residue.

No…I haven’t sprayed it with anything…There are a few pine trees near…so it could be something coming off the pine trees…


:grimacing: Looks like WPM, there is a thread specifically for WPM, just type I n search bar

Good vibes and good luck :v:

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